Dispatches from the 2nd Annual

Young Women's Health Conference

November 14, 2001

Rejoice, Unite, Nurture, Fight

Young women from various Bay Area high schools attended the second annual Young Women's Health Conference on November 14, 2001 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The conference aimed to educate and inform Bay Area girls about their health and other issues important to their development, such as self defense, stress management, mental health, education, communication, and protected sex.

Over a thousand participating girls sat in the main hall to listen to keynote speakers including Senator Jackie Speier, environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill, and author Eve Ensler. The speakers told their personal stories of obstacles and triumphs and shared the passions of their beliefs. The girls were also able to share the stage during an open-mic session. It was an opportunity for the girls to share their talents and ideas. Various workshops were held in the morning and afternoon, with topics including better communication, drug abuse, mother/daughter relationships, acupuncture, and cultural awareness.

For the second year in a row, this conference brought girls from all over the Bay Area to educate them about subjects not often discussed in a classroom environment. The participants were able to share their strength, acknowledge differences, and begin to find their freedom.

-Adriana Sanchez, Exploratorium Explainer

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Eve Ensler Speaker Eve Ensler comments on the importance of having a conference for young women.

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View Moments from the Conference

Jackie Speier California State Senator Jackie Speier talks about taking care of yourself.

Sherrice Perry Sherrice Perry speaks about struggling to move beyond "the gates of the ghetto" to get a higher education.

Janice Mirikitani Poet Janice Mirikatani urges people to fight intolerance.

Eve Ensler Eve Ensler shares a new monologue she wrote specifically for young women titled "My Short Skirt."

Anna Anna from Terra Nova High School reads a poem she wrote about body image.

Tawana Tawana pleads for help to change her school. Phoenix High, or "1950," is in a drug infested environment and the school╠s resources need to be improved.

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View excerpts from interviews by Exploratorium Explainers with the key note speakers from the conference.

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Julia Butterfly

Environmental activist Julia "Butterfly" Hill talks with Explainer Adriana Sanchez about her life, ideas and work. Julia is best known for living for 2 years atop an ancient redwood tree, drawing attention to the issues of old growth forest logging and preservation.

Eve Ensler

Play write Eve Ensler speaks with Explainer Molly Klett about using theater to address important issues such as women╠s perspectives, nonviolence and social change. Eve caught the public╠s attention with her provocative play "The Vagina Monologues."

Winnie Hui-Min

Winnie Hui-Min Yu, a bilingual Berkeley student, speaks with Explainer Helen Yu-Lei about her experience as an immigrant and being the youngest board member of the Women╠s Foundation.

Marga Gomez

Latina Comedian Marga Gomez gives Explainer Adriana Valdiviez a colorful account of growing up, being herself, and shoes.

Rebecca Walker

Author Rebecca Walker talks with Explainer Mahlakah Abdo about being a woman of mixed race and her inspirations and influences in writing.

Serrice Perry

Sherrice Perry, a student at Brown University, speaks with Explainer Mahlakah Abdo about overcoming obstacles. Sherrice advises young women to face the challenges of inner city neighborhoods and to achieve higher learning.

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